Connecting Students to Careers, Professionals to Communities, and Communities to Better Health

The mission of the Louisiana Area Health Education Centers is to improve the supply and distribution of health care professionals within the state through community and academic educational partnerships, in an effort to increase access to quality health care for all Louisiana residents.

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Rural Loan Fund

This program resulted from the Louisiana State University Health Science Center-New Orleans and the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals award of the Southern Rural Access Grant (SRAG).  Funding for this grant initiative was provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJ) in 1999.  The RWJ grant required the creation of a rural loan fund. […]

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AGRIMEDIC Training Inc. is to design, develop, implement, and evaluate training programs for emergency providers and agricultural workers to reduce mortality, injury, and property loss resulting from agricultural emergencies.
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You Have the Power to Prevent Cancer

The power to prevent cancer is in your hands! Prevent 6 Cancers You have the power to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV) cancers and pre-cancers among patients in your care. HPV cancer prevention starts with you. The HPV vaccine prevents infection with certain types of HPV that can cause cervical, throat, vulvar, vaginal, penile and anal cancer.

We’re here for you, Louisiana.

The Louisiana AHEC system began operation in 1988 through the efforts of the LSU School of Medicine which petitioned the federal government for funding. Four centers across the state were opened on a staggered basis with Southeast Louisiana beginning in 1989. The Louisiana Centers have all completed their six year cycles of federal funding and are now supported through cooperative agreements with the LSU School of Medicine.

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On-site Continuing Education Event

AHEC Veterans Mental Health Project: Caring for the Military

This is an opportunity for SELAHEC to play a role in enhancing mental health care for veterans and their family members through collaboration between HRSA, National AHEC and the Veterans Affair.

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