AHEC Scholars Program Curriculum


Application deadline for Cohort #1 is May 31, 2019!

Curricular Components of Louisiana AHEC Scholars

The AHEC Scholars program is dedicated to connecting tomorrow’s practitioners with communities so they may work together to optimize health. There are many ways to complete the requirements of AHEC Scholars, though ideally Scholars will choose a community early on that they might work with over the course of the program.

Year 1 will serve as a didactic and a community orientation, meaning that Scholars to get acquainted with their community of interest and connect the needs of the community with the social determinants of health that surround it. Year 2 will begin with experiential learning, collaborative learning, integrated curriculum, and immersion – in other words, a community-engaged educational experience.

Year 1 Deliverables include:

  • Didactic Orientation and monthly seminars
    Scholars are required to attend seminars (in person or online) and participate in facilitated discussion with faculty mentors. Seminars will occur monthly beginning in September.
  • Community Orientation

Year 2 Deliverables include:

  • Community assessment and scholarly project
    Scholars will conduct a community assessment to identify a health problem in their community of interest. A scholarly paper related to that problem will be due at the conclusion of the program. The scholarly paper is a short, well-written paper that is an opportunity to conduct, analyze, synthesize, and demonstrate knowledge related to the project.
  • Oral presentation of the project
    The final phase of the AHEC Scholars curriculum involves a presentation of findings to a professional audience.
  • More reflective journaling!
  • More seminars!

For More Information

Contact Robin Gruenfeld, South Louisiana AHEC Scholars Program Director, at robin.g@selahec.org. The application may be accessed online here, and a pdf copy is available through Robin Gruenfeld at robin.g@selahec.org.