AHEC Program For Fire/Rescue/EMS Personnel

AGRI+MEDIC Fire fighters

The AGRIMEDIC Training Program has been working in agricultural and rural incident response training in local rural areas throughout the state. Initial activities began in 2000 to discuss the prevention of farm rescue education. Two areas of concern were addressed: (1) farm machinery extrications were often taking a long time to complete, and (2) rescuers were injured, some fatally, during rescues and fire-ground operations on farms.

Southeast LA AHEC will come on-site to any fire department throughout the state. The AGRIMEDIC Program is responsible for the lives of the agricultural community and prepares rural emergency responder. Call (985) 345-1119 to discuss.

The Mission

AGRIMEDIC Training Inc. is to design, develop, implement, and evaluate training programs for emergency providers and agricultural workers to reduce mortality, injury, and property loss resulting from agricultural emergencies.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to reduce the injuries and mortality associated with farming emergencies. AGRIMEDIC Training Inc. to train fire, rescue, and EMS providers. Presently over 400 personnel have been trained throughout Louisiana.

The Objective

Upon successful completion of the provider Training Course, participants will be qualified to provide emergency medical services specific to agricultural emergencies. The course provides hands-on practice based experience for candidates.

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