For the past thirty years, the Southeast Louisiana Healthy Education Center (SELAHEC) has maintained a mission of “Connecting students to Health Careers, Health Professionals to Communities and Communities to Better Health.”

We maintain an agreement with the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans, the Louisiana State University School of Medicine-New Orleans and the Offices of Graduate Medical Education (GME) whereby we will provide placement services for residents and other health professionals training in the six LSU Health Sciences Center-New Orleans Schools. Our initial emphasis will be directed to assisting placement of the LSU School of Medicine-New Orleans Rural Scholars track (RST) Participants committed to practicing primary care in a rural venue in Louisiana following residency training.

We titled this programs LAPPS (Louisiana Physician Placement Service). We are engaged with every school of Medicine-New Orleans Residency Training program and now offer job placement assistance. Currently there are over 800 residents and fellows training in 63 disciplines.

Southeast Louisiana Area Health Education (SELAHEC) has a long history of workforce development. LAPPS is a logical extension of our SELAHEC mission to place physicians and other health professionals, many of them whom we have assisted in their training, for preparation to enter the Louisiana Healthcare workforce fully prepared to care for Louisiana citizens.

We will strive to be the premier physician and healthcare professional placement service in Louisiana because:

  • We Care
  • We are Connected
  • We are Committed
  • We are Consistent

We are contractually affiliated with the LSU Health Sciences Center-New Orleans and their six schools to include

  • The LSU School of Medicine
  • The LSU School of Nursing
  • The LSU School of Allied Health
  • The LSU School of Public Health
  • The LSU School of Dentistry
  • The LSU School of Graduate Studies

We will be emphasizing physician placement in primary care to include:

  • Internal Medicine (General)
  • OB/GYN
  • Family Medicine
  • Medicine-Pediatrics
  • General Surgery

As an affiliate of the LSU Health Sciences Center- New Orleans and the fact we represent state schools, we have an obligation to train and provide physicians and other health professionals for the state of Louisiana. As a matter of fact, approximately 70% of all health professionals practicing in Louisiana completed their training on a LSU Health Sciences Center-New Orleans campus. We welcome the opportunity to join the LSU Health Sciences Center-New Orleans and their effort to keep the very best we train here in Louisiana.

We know all of the residency program directors and coordinators. We hold a seat on the LSU School of Medicine Admissions Committee. We know and followed many of the residents, we now seek to place, since their application to medical school.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities


Rural Scholars

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