Day with Allied Health

About The Program

“Day with Allied Health” is an exploratory learning program involving 11th and 12th grade students targeting on site middle schools, junior high and high schools in rural and underserved areas. The students will have up to four stations on site to learn from Allied Health Professions: Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Child & Family Counseling and Speech Language Pathology.  The program is held in the Spring Semester each year. 

Day with Allied Health 4

LSU Health New Orleans School of Allied Health Professions comprises both undergraduate and graduate programs. Baccalaureate degrees (Bachelor of Science) are offered in Cardiopulmonary Science and Clinical Laboratory Sciences. The Department of Communication Disorders offers a Master of Communication Disorders degree in Speech and Language Pathology and a Doctor of Audiology (AuD) in hearing. The Department of Occupational Therapy offers the Master of Occupational Therapy Degree, the Department of Physical Therapy offers a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and the Department of Clinical Rehabilitation & Counseling offers the Master of Health Sciences degree. The SAHP also includes the Human Development Center, which provides programs to increase the capacity of healthcare providers for individuals with developmental and acquired disabilities. The SAHP provides multidisciplinary outpatient services to achieve diversity of patient objectives that include diagnostic, therapeutic, and restorative services to enable patients to achieve as much functional, social, and occupational independence as is reasonably possible. The School of Allied Health Professions in committed to providing quality education, leadership, research, and public service through direct patient care and community outreach by clinical healthcare professionals.

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